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Diagnose ear infections and strep throat with your smartphone

Fussy Child or Ear Infection? Never Wonder Again


Like a pediatrician in your pocket

The PediaCam is a smartphone-connected camera that allows you to take pictures of the ear or throat and send them to a licensed physician. Our physicians will give you a diagnosis along with personalized recommendations, all without your leaving home. You may never have to wonder, "should I take my child to the doctor?" again!

 How do I know if my child has an ear infection?
 Self-diagnose ear infections with this app.

Diagnose ear infections 

Ear infections are the #1 reason parents take their child to the pediatrician. With the PediaCam, you can take diagnostic-quality pictures of your child's eardrum and have them evaluated by an experienced physician within minutes, any time you want. No need for second-guessing with every ear tug, sleepless night, or fever. Snap a picture and know for sure. And all for less than the cost of a single pediatrician visit!

Simplify strep throat 

When is a sore throat just a cold and when is it strep throat?  Should your child stay home from school? Do you need to take her to the pediatrician for a swab? Strep throat is the 2nd most common reason for a pediatrician visit. Answer a few questions about your child's symptoms and take a picture of her throat, and our physicians will provide recommendations on whether she needs to see a doctor based on the latest medical guidelines. 

 Diagnose from home using this app.
 PediaCam - Diagnose ear infections at home

At-home convenience for less than a pediatrician visit

Using your smartphone, we can bring expert diagnosis into your home at an incredible price. For just $79.99, you get the PediaCam with a free 1 year subscription to our diagnostic service. For less than the cost of a single pediatrician visit, you get unlimited consultations, so you never have to wonder whether to see a doctor again!

A smartphone doctor in training

PediaCam gets better with every picture you take! Each of your images will be evaluated by a physician real time, who will provide your child's diagnosis. In addition, your images will be classified by trained pediatricians and ENT specialists and used to improve our computer algorithms. Once these algorithms are good enough, you will benefit from immediate diagnosis, right on your smartphone, without waiting for a physician response. As soon as our algorithms have mastered ear infections and strep throat, we'll move on to other ailments. It's like your smartphone is going to medical school. It will soon be as good, if not better, than any of us physicians are.